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Asking your tax questions ahead of time can make getting your taxes done as painless as possible. The truth is, taxes are complicated business. The rules change every year and it can be upsetting to find out about them at the last minute.

Using the services of a professional tax preparation service certainly helps, but you still have to do your part. Ask a tax expert and you’ll be better prepared for tax season — no matter what the time of year.

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About My1040Guy

We fix tax problems that most others won’t.

We specialize in multi-state and multi-year tax return preparation and are proficient in tax problem resolution. Because we focus on a specific niche of the market, across the years, we have been referred by other tax prep offices to resolve difficult tax problems. We are on the IRS list of recognized tax return preparers.

We remain abreast of technological advances especially in the realm of business  and payroll taxes. Currently up to 75% of our payroll and tax payment processes are completed electronically. We are poised to provide 100% of our payroll and tax payment processes for 2018.


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