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What we Do

We Cover an Array of Individual & Corporate Accounting Services


We began offering computer-assisted income ax preparation and electronic filing services in 1989. Since then we have built a concise electronic filing package. We are professionally qualified to prepare individual, small business, partnership, corporate (C and S), fiduciary and non-profit income tax returns. We specialize in multi-year tax preparations with smooth integration from year to year. We also prepare all states, including multi-state return packages, insuring the proper tax credits between the states. Unless unique situations arise, all returns are electronically filed.

While the ability to e-file amended returns has been available for non-individual returns for several years, beginning in 2020 amended individual returns can now be electronically filed.


We prepare and e-file applicable 1065, 1102, 1120S, 1041, and 990 tax returns. We offer advise in bookkeeping and accounting practices. We assist in entity formation and applicable IRS and state filings. We also prepare forms 1099MISC as necessary and efile them to the IRS.

We prepare and e-file “sales tax” returns with payments. Additionally, as part of our payroll service, we file all 94X series returns, make applicable “EFTPS” payments, file applicable state withholding and unemployment tax returns with payments all electronically.


We offer payroll services designed to meet small business employers. Generally, time is submitted by a certain day and time. Payroll is processed locally. Based on need, paystubs are returned, checks are printed for pickup or delivery, or payroll can be distributed by direct deposit.

As mentioned with our entity services, we prepare, file, and initiate payment of payroll tax returns and payments, even the preparation of forms W-2 and form W3 for submission to the Social Security Administration. These forms include the 941, 940, W-2, W-3, state withholding and state unemployment returns.

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I want an online tax filing service that I can trust.

The idea of filing my own taxes seemed too complicated until I found My1040Guy’s online system. I wanted to have the benefits of both worlds – doing my own taxes, yet knowing real people were there to back me up if I had questions. This is so easy to use! I feel like I have accomplished something big by preparing my own taxes!

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Don’t Let the Complexities of Your Financials Burden You Any Longer

We specialize in multi-state and multi-year tax return preparation and are proficient in tax problem resolution. Because we focus on a specific niche of the market, across the years, we have been referred by other tax prep offices to resolve difficult tax problems. We are on the IRS list of recognized tax return preparers.

We remain abreast of technological advances especially in the realm of business and payroll taxes. Currently up to 75% of our payroll and tax payment processes are completed electronically. We are poised to provide 100% of our payroll and tax payment processes for now and the future. 


At Mohave Tax Clinic, No Client is Too Big or Too Small

Our tax analysts and preparers guarantee precision on every calculation.

I file my own small business taxes online and I love it!

Opening a small business takes a lot of attention to detail. In the beginning I knew I had to keep costs down, so I decided to file my own business taxes. The My1040Guy online system is just that – a system. Step-by-step, I can file my taxes online when it’s convenient for my fiscal year. It helps me keep my finances on track, and I like that.

“As for most of us Tax time is a very stressful. Using Mohave Tax Clinic was a excellent choice for me. Mr. Bohn was very personable and professional. He explained everything with ease so I completely understood my tax forms. From setting my appointment up on line to completing my taxes was without a doubt the easiest tax filing in my life and believe me I have filed taxes for many years. I will continue to go to Mohave Tax Clinic and I highly recommend Mohave Tax Clinic to everyone.”


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